V - Series Scrapers
Features such a quality construction, ease of maintenance, high performance operating capacities, and low price make the Carry-All Wheeled Scraper one of the most efficient scrapers ever. The unit will operate as a regular drag scraper for leveling and grading operations. A hydraulic operated gate will close the bucket and lock the materials in place for moving large amounts of material to a different location. This eliminates the need to disconnect the scraper to connect a bucket, saving time and labor. The tractor capacity needed to operate the unit is 8-10 HP per foot.
The NEW V-Series Drag Scraper is an excellent tool that conserves valuable time in the Orchard, Farm, or around the Ranch. This scraper is a great tool for repairing eroded areas and boarders, cleaning yards and scraping roads. It can also be used for corrals, and barn areas. The newly designed front cross-member allows full vision of the blade. The large capacity allows for efficient handling of large volume material for tractors 70 to 120 HP.


  • Hydraulic height control

  • Safety lock is provided for easy transportation

  • Reinforced stress points

  • Removable bolt-on tongue for easy transport

  • Adjust-A-Hitch can be adjustable to the tractor draw bar

  • Double beveled curved, center-punchedbolt-on high carbon blade

  • Working widths of 8', 10' & 12'
  • Clearance of 23" raised and 3" below grade
  • Hydraulically operated from the tractor seat
  • Main cross beam 3" x 4" tubing
  • 3" X 8" Double acting cylinder and hoses
  • New ribbed implement tires
  • Bolt-on adjustable hitch
  • Weight box for adding additional weight
Scrape, lift, and transfer soil without the need to drag an implement across the ground. Only one set of hydraulics is needed due to the use of the three point hitch. The Dirt Scoop is perfect for agricultural use, landscaping, and light construction.


  • Three Point lift controls cutting depth

  • Tractor controlled dump height and dig angle

Model Length HP Cutting Width / Cutting Depth Dump Height Pan Capacity Wt. LBS
PS 60 60" 30-60 60" width; 0-3 inches 0-8 inches 1.5 Yards 1300
PS 84 84" 60-100 84" width; 0-3 inches 0-8 inches 3 Yards 1600
Part No. Model Description Recommended HP Wt. (lbs.) Capacity Retail Price (Add Freight)
580006 EM-72 6' CARRY ALL WHEELED SCRAPER 48-65+HP 1800 1.6 Yards `$5,070.00 USD
580008 EM-96 8' CARRY ALL WHEELED SCRAPER 65-80+HP 2120 2.2 Yards `$5,925.00 USD
580010 EM-120 10' CARRY ALL WHEELED SCRAPER 80-100+HP 2460 2.7 Yards `$6,315.00 USD
580012 EM-144 12' CARRY ALL WHEELED SCRAPER 95-120+HP 2800 3.25 Yards `$6,940.00 USD
Part No. Description Wt. (lbs.) Retail Price (Add Freight)
590006 6' DRAG SCRAPER DS72 1110 `$3,100.00 USD
590008 8' DRAG SCRAPER DS96 1260 `$3,215.00 USD
590010 10' DRAG SCRAPER DS112 1410 `$3,320.00 USD
590012 12' DRAG SCRAPER 1560 `$3,430.00 USD
Part No. Description Wt. (lbs.) Retail Price (Add Freight)
575005 DIRT SCOOP 5' DSC60 1380 `$4,495.00 USD
575007 DIRT SCOOP 7' DSC84 1633 `$5,415.00 USD
Hoses & cylinders included
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