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Question: Why should you deal with China Depot?
Answer: Because we have been around since 1996 on the Internet and we know the good guys from the bad guys. No one has ever lost a penny with us; our dealers make money. We do not charge any sign up fees or franchise fees. We just sell factory direct products and insure proper shipping and delivery. Don't gamble with your hard earned money -- Order through China Depot.

We know that for many people it is difficult to do business by mail order or over the Internet. This is especially true when you are purchasing a big ticket item like a diesel tractor, diesel generator, a bull dozer, excavator, or an entire machine shops worth of new equipment; it's expensive, and you need to feel secure. That is why we are publishing this information about Walter H. Barrett --- the founder and owner of is how we started and what we stand for.
About China Depot
China Depot really started when Walter Barrett retired in 1995 at age 62 after working nearly fifty years in private industry, the military, and operating his own businesses. Mr. Barrett soon became bored with retirement and decided to explore the possibilities of developing a trade company with China. It has taken several years to develop the business, but China Depot has emerged as a reliable supplier of products from China. China Depot believes in low prices and volume sales. Our Internet companies quote up to one million dollars a day, seven days a week on a worldwide basis. We have offices in the USA, China, Taiwan, Korea, India and Vietnam. There is always someone on staff reading the mail and quoting our clients 24 / 7.
Mr. Barrett has a great deal of experience establishing dealer networks and training sales engineers, etc. China Depot can take a virtually unknown company with a decent product and make them known worldwide in a matter of months. We like to say that we can get you any product that's legal. We also have companies that are seeking various products from the USA. We invite you to contact us if you have a product or service to sell. We have offices in China/Asia with very competent individuals who are fluent in English, Chinese and Vietnamese on staff. When you place an order with us you can feel confident that your money or Letter of Credit will be wired to our banks, and your order will be shipped in a reasonable time. We ship mostly by sea in order to keep your cost down and we will furnish bank references upon request. China is a division of A to Z Global Marketing, Inc.


Please tell your friends about China Depot. We cannot sell at deep discount prices and spend millions on TV ads, too. We need your help with more website traffic.

About Walter Barrett
Walter H. Barrett was born in Providence, Rhode Island in the year 1933. He is a life-long resident of the state, with the exception of his time spent in the United States Air Force and active duty with the Air Force Reserve. He is a veteran of the Korean War and other military actions. Mr. Barrett has a heavy background in engineering, science, solar engineering, automotive engineering & custom car building, motion picture & video productions, writing, and marketing. He is also a very prolific still camera photographer and digital artist. Mr. Barrett has several patents in the alternate energy field and has a keen interest in the energy field. He taught solar energy classes and engineering at several schools and colleges during the energy crisis of the mid to late nineteen seventies. He has an international reputation in the solar energy field. Mr. Barrett has a great deal of experience establishing dealer networks and training sales engineers, etc. Before his retirement, he was the president of Suntree Solar Corporation and chairmen of the board of Myriad corporation. Mr. Barrett now resides in Lincoln, Rhode Island with his wife and has five grown children.

Discussing solar power with Tip O'Neill
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Walter H. Barrett demonstrates solar power at the Boston Museum of Science
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Filming in 1970 (190751 bytes)
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Discussing solar energy with
House Speaker Tip O'Neill (left)

Demonstrating solar power at the Boston Museum of Science 

Filming in 1970

With Gov. Michael Dukakis (sitting). (156482 bytes)
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Walter H. Barrett; 1995
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Walter H. Barrett; Winter 2001
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With Gov. Michael Dukakis (sitting) in 1976

Walt in 1995

Winter 2001

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