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WT18 walking tractor 

WT18 walking tractor  FOB Qingdao
Model: WT18
Dimensions (mm): 2680*960*1250
Engine: S1105 (13.2)
Starting method: hand start
Min. distance from the ground (mm): 182
structural weight (kg): 350
Clutch: double friction flat of constant combination
Tire: 6.00-12 4-ply rubber type (1.4~2.0kg/cm2)
tread (mm): 800, 740, 640
Brake: internal expanding ring type
steering system: Jaw clutch

Rotary Tiller

Rotary tiller  FOB
Cultivating width (mm): 1170*796*780
Weight (kg): 113
Blades no. (pc): 9
Working efficiency (ha/h): 0.13~0.2

Anti skid wheel

Anti skid wheel  FOB
Weight (kg):36kg
Diameter of the wheel (mm): 715
Width of the wheel teeth (mm): 170

Share plough 1 Share

Share plough (1 share  FOB)
Overall size (mm): 800*600*800
Matched power (hp): 8-12
Weight (kg): 45
Share no. (pc): 1
Work efficiency: 0.1~0.15

Share Plough (2 shares)

Share Plough (2 shares)  FOB
Overall size: 1058*690*850
Matched power (hp): 15-18
Weight (kg):80
Share no. (pc): 2
Working efficiency (ha/h): 0.14~0.19

Trailer Hydraulic 

Model: 7c-1.0
Type: Automatism unloading (Hydraulic/mechanical)
Rated loading (Ton): 1
Mass (Ton) :0.5/0.55

Cubage ( m3) 0.9
Dimension (mm) 270016801380
Min ground clearance (mm) 270
Wheel base (mm) 1310




Model 4GL-1.6
Matched power (HP) 12-18 walking tractor
Overall size (L*W*H) (mm) 844*1841*640
Weight (kg) 90
Cutting mechanism type Upright
Lay type side order lay
Cutting width (m) 1.6
Transmission type gear/belt transmission
Cutting blade stroke (mm) 76.2
No. of movable blades (pc) 20
No. of stable blades (pc) 21
No. of blade protector (pc) 11
No. of straw supporter (pc) 5
Supporting planetary gear dia. (mm) 280
Transmission belt gear clearance (mm) 130
Working speed (km/h) 4.20-5.97(low 3 shifts or high 1 shifts)
Cutting efficiency (ha/h) 0.37-0.5
Cutting stubble height (mm) 60-100
Lay degree (degree) 9020
Degree difference (degree)
Cutting stubble height (mm) Wheat
Rice 80
Total loss 1%




Mass (Kg) 100
Working width (mm) 1250
Dither shape Hoe shape
Matched tractor (hp) 12~18 
Linking way Part hung
Seeding property Precisioner
Seeding way Drilling
Productivity (Ha/h) 0.4~0.55
Overall dimensions (mm) 930*1450*1095

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