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Model  fitting with power  price in USD
RT/IGQN-80  10-15hp   
RT/IGQN-100   15-25hp  
RT/IGQN-120/125  18-30hp   
RT/IGQN-130/135   25-40hp  
RT/IGQN-140   30-50hp  
RT/IGQN-150   35-60hp  
RT/IGQN-160  40-70hp   
RT/IGQN-180  50-80hp   
RT/IGQN-200   60-90hp  
RT/IGQN-220   65-95hp  
RT/IGQN-230   70-100hp  
RT/IGQN-250   80-120hp  
RT/IGQN-300   90-135hp  
The price includes packing charge of iron crate and for FOB Qingdao port.

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